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Do You Ever Worry About...

  • The impact of INFLATION on retirement?

  • Has the market hit BOTTOM and what does the
    RECOVERY look like?

  • When to take SOCIAL SECURITY

  • 401k/IRA WITHDRAWALS effect on Social Security?

  • How does a RECESSION impact your retirement?

  • The tax implications of THE CARES ACT?

  • The INFLATION REDUCTION ACT on retirement?

  • Maintaining your standard of living at retirement?

  • Getting high enough RETURNS on investments?

  • Missing out on the latest, greatest stock tip?

  • Someone else having a better portfolio than you?

  • Making sense of all the information available?

This course is designed to teach you how to avoid some of the traps listed above, and help build a portfolio you can be confident with.


Attend This Course and Learn How to...

  • Create a plan to retire on your terms

  • Use new tax law changes to your advantage

  • Determine if you are paying too much in fees, and if so, how to reduce them

  • Use 5 investment strategies to help minimize risks and maximize returns

  • Ensure your estate plan still functions properly under new laws.

  • Why you need to know your portfolio’s standard deviation, annual turnover and overlap

(if you don’t know what these terms mean, you can’t afford to miss this class series)


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