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There's value in education

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We believe there's a smarter way to investing.

As you prepare for, and begin to enjoy retirement, it is essential that you have a well defined strategy in place. Retire Educated Seminars is committed to provide the most effective, proven strategies, to help you retire right and achieve true investment peace of mind.

Rather than focus solely on money, our educational foundation focuses on dreams. Emphasizing the experience of investing and planning.

The retirement of your dreams is well within reach. Call us today or register online to reserve a spot and discover how we can help you get there.

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Who Should Attend

Retire Educated is designed to help you regardless of where you are in the retirement spectrum. This course will teach you how to build wealth and align your money with your values to accomplish your goals in life. If you are preparing and planning for retirement, or if you are already retired and looking to make your wealth work for you — the information you learn in this class can deliver rewards throughout your lifetime.

Why Financial Education is Important

Retirement living conjures up various images. Some see retirement living as traveling. Others envision more family time. Still others simply look forward to more free time. No matter what your view, there are a number of questions and concerns that should be addressed to help you better prepare for retirement living. Because in order to pursue your goals and dreams for retirement, it is necessary to determine a strategy for your future. Otherwise, your choices may be limited and your options few.

This course explains time-tested strategies that help you to make informed financial decisions. Our research found information that’s disturbing, negative, and might have the tendency to discourage you because there are some harsh statistics and realities about retirement today. By attending Retire Educated Seminar Series, we’re going to address those concerns and offer some solutions.

Above all, this course shows you how to assess your financial situation and develop a

personalized plan to achieve your retirement goals. We believe that the path to your ideal

retirement is within your reach and hope that this course will help you get on the right track.

Education vs Information

Financial news encouraging viewers to buy this stock, or sell another, or predicting the next big crash, can be found almost anywhere. It’s difficult to use this news to make informed decisions about your overall retirement strategy. Do not trust predictions, do not trust forecasts. If they really knew what was actually going to happen next, they wouldn’t tell you... This course is designed and engineered to save you time by delivering comprehensive strategies based on academic principles. When properly educated, investors have the opportunity to apply these factors to their portfolio productively.

Our Mission

Our association of financial advisors formed Retire Educated Seminar Series to prepare and arm the everyday American with much-needed knowledge on retirement. We believe by educating investors on the options available and the effects each may entail, a comfortable future can be built through smarter choices.

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